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The Best External Hard Drives for your Computer

The Best External Hard Drives for your Computer
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In this post you will learn about the best External Hard Drives for your Computer.

It’s essential you buy the best external hard drive that suits your needs if you work with a lot of files and documents with large file size. So you can safely store your data or backups without any worry.

There are two general types of external hard drives:

Hard disk drives (HDD), which use one or more rotating discs and rely on magnetic storage, and solid-state drives (SSD), which have no moving mechanical parts, but use flash memory. If you have a regular desktop computer, you most likely have a hard disk drive. Solid-state drives are more typical for high-end, expensive computer.

External drives typically connect to PCs and Macs via USB cables. USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 ports are almost always available, USB 2.0 has a data transfer rate of 480 megabits per second (mbps). USB 3.0 has a data transfer rate of 4,800 mbps. This means that a USB 3.0 is approximately 10 times faster than USB 2.0.

More recently, a USB 3.1 has also been released. A USB 3.1 has a data rate of 10,000 mbps. This is twice as fast as USB 3.0 and twenty times as fast as a USB 2.0.

The latest generation of the Western Digital My passport range of external hard drives has landed, it’s available in sizes ranging from 1 TB to 4 TB. Thanks to a 3.0 USB port and excellent disk controller. This drive allows a maximum transfer speed of 168 Mbps. The drive offers password protection, and 256-bit data encryption.

If cost is no obstacle, we recommend taking the Seagate Backup plus Hub. It is made by Shingled Magnetic Recording (SMR). which allowed more physical bits of memory in the same space without decreasing the size of the bits. This drive offers a lot of capacity (3 TB, 4 TB, 6 TB, 8 TB versions are available), and it’s fast and flexible. Its interface is also USB 3.0 port.

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