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How to Design a Facebook Cover in Adobe Photoshop CC 2018

How to Design a Facebook Cover in Adobe Photoshop CC 2018
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In this design you will learn How to design a Facebook Cover in Adobe Photoshop CC 2018

There many other programs which you can design a Facebook cover, but designing Facebook Cover in Adobe Photoshop CC 2018 is very interesting. You can design a Facebook cover for your own company and may be for other companies and having a professional Facebook cover is very necessary for every company’s Facebook page.

I am going to design a Facebook cover as you see, below on the photo. If you want to design a Facebook cover in Photoshop CC 2018, so proceed step by step.

Step 1: open your Photoshop then go the menu bar at the left corner of the Photoshop, you see a menu by the name of File, click on it and then click on New for opening a new document.

Step 2: When the new page is opened then arrange the size, resolution, and color mode according the size, and resolution which I have given you below.

  1. Measurement unit = Pixels
  2. Size = 851(width) x 315(height).
  3. Resolution = 72
  4. Color Mode = RGB

When you arrange them then click on the Create, like as you see every step in the photo.

Step 3: A new document will be opened. For giving guide unlock the Background and then go to the menu bar and click on View and then click on New Guide from Shape. After giving guides go to the menu bar and click on Layer then click on the New, after that click on the Layer from Background in order save the rectangle as a background. For starting designing first lock the guides because if you do not lock them during the designing you are going to be disrupted, you can lock them by going to the menu bar clicking on View then click on Lock Guides. There is no need of giving bleeds such as you see in photos.


02: For applying guides see below photo.

03: Lock yours document background.

04: As I indicated before that after locking the background you have to lock the guides as well, see on the photo.

Step 4: First go to the tool bar and choose Rectangle Tool then draw rectangle shape approximately till half of that size. For changing the color of shape dabble click on shape at the right corner like as show on the picture

Step 5: Add an anchor point from Pen Tool in the middle of rectangle

Step 6: Take one side of the anchor point and curve the shape or take one side of anchor point and move it a little left side like as shown you on the photo

Step 7: When you curved the rectangle, then you have to copy the same rectangle that you have drawn, for coping it take pressed the Alt with the left key of the mouse and move it down. Then move a little right side the copied shape/rectangle till the copied shape appears. If it does not appear, change the color of first or the rectangle that you have copied (second shape/rectangle). You should not move the first shape; you should move the copied shape

Step 8: Select the middle anchor point and the last anchor point at the same, for selecting the anchor points at the same time, you have to take pressed Shift↑ when you want select. You ought to move the selected anchor points left side until those anchor points disappear behind the first rectangle. When you want cope the rectangle you have to move it behind the first rectangle, Ctrl + Left briquette.

Step 9:  Again cope the first rectangle like the previews one that you had done, but send it at the last. Move it a little right side till the rectangle appears and change the color of the first/copied rectangle, if they had the same color.

Step 10: Move only the last anchor point of copied rectangle till the end of last anchor point of first rectangle. Balance the first anchor point of the copied rectangle with second anchor point, because it makes a little professional, but do not move the middle anchor point until it is necessary

Step 11: You are approximately done, but draw an ellipse in order to type off/discount. Draw an ellipse from Shape Tool and give stroke 4/3 pixels and fill must be white color

Step 12: In this step you have to replace your photo, for replacing your photo first you have to cope the upper/rectangle 01 and then right click and click on Convert to Smart Object, after converting to the smart object then click again right this turn click on Create Clipping Mask.

Step 13: In this step by clicking double on clipping mask layer you can replace your favorite photo. When you dabble clicked on clipping mask layer then go to menu bar and click on File and then click on Place Embedded

Step 14: When you replaced your photo then save the changes (Ctrl + S).

Final Step: At the end, when you finished designing then edit your details and company’s logo, you are done and change the color according to your favorite color and use stylish fonts. If you do not comprehend again do not worry, go the our You Tube channel and watch the video, but do not forget to subscribe it and comment your ideas and suggestions.

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