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The best way of designing a Professional Business Card in Adobe Photoshop CC 2018

The best way of designing a Professional Business Card in Adobe Photoshop CC 2018
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In this post you will learn the Technic and the best way of designing a Professional Business card in Adobe Photoshop CC 2018.

Designing a professional business card in Adobe Photoshop CC 2018. Every company must have a well-designed business card because business card plays an important role in improving of a company.  The company’s logo, address, contact number, website and the user must be placed in their accurate places in a business card.

So, if you have a company and you want to design a professional business card for your company in order to improve your business. There is no need of going to the designer for ordering a business card. Because we show the best Technic and the best way of designing a professional business card in Adobe Photoshop CC 2018 for your businesses. We illustrate everything  step by step. Have a glance at business card’s photo bottom which is designed in Adobe Photoshop CC 2018 and try if you design it. If you cannot, proceed step by step and you will successfully design it.

Note: Make sure that you have installed Photoshop CC 2018 or other versions of Photoshop. It is not necessary to just install the new version of Adobe Photoshop. If you install the new version of Adobe Photoshop that is ok because some new features are added or some options, menu and tools are updated which make our task easier.

Step 1: Open your Adobe Photoshop then go the menu bar left side hand. Click on the File Menu  or press (Ctrl+ N) for opening a new document.  Subsequent to opening the new document arrange the document according the bottom details.

  • Width= 3.5 Inches
  • Height = 2 Inches
  • Resolution = 300
  • Color Type = CMYK


Step 2: Later than creating a new document, you have to open the lock of the document for giving guides. Because giving guides is very important for handling the anchor points and drawing shapes. When you unlocked the document go the menu bar click on View Menu. Click on New Guides From Shape. When you click on it, Photoshop gives guides automatically to your document. Later giving guides to your document then you have to lock the given guides because they will disturb while designing the shapes.

For locking the guides again go to the View Menu and then click on the Lock Guides option. After locking the guides give bleeds to your document because for every print document we have to give bleeds. If we do not give bleeds to our document, our business card will be decreased from edges by printer during the printing. So, for giving bleeds you have to go to the menu bar and click on Image Menu. Click on Canvas Size but be aware of something that if you do not sign the Relative, Photoshop will increase the size of your document. Afterward signing the Relative give (0.25 Inches) bleeds then click OK.

Step 3: When you give bleeds to your document, always your documents gets increased.  Background of increased size also does not have any color. For giving color to the increased size first press only (D) until the foreground and background colors get default. Then give the background color by pressing (Ctrl + Backspace). Change the current layer to the background for doing this go to the Layer Menu and then click on the New. Select the Layer From Background.

Step 4: Go to the Rectangle Tool and draw a rectangular shape at the size of your document. Change the color to black for apply black color first press (D). Select the layer and press Alt + Backspace. When you change the color go the bottom right side click on Add Layer Style.  Select the Pattern Overly.  Add the below details in Pattern Overly setting.

  • Select (Right Diagonal Dash).
  • Opacity = 8
  • Scale = 168
  • Click Ok

Step 5: Go to the Rectangle Tool by Pressing (U ) then select the Polygon Tool. Draw a polygonal shape and then take 4 copies from the same shape by pressing (Ctrl + J). When you copied the shape take pressed the Shift and place them as you see in the bottom shapes.

Note: While drawing the shape always take pressed Shift key in order to draw it well as you want and if you want move the shape while drawing take pressed Space.

Step 6: In this step first you should take one copy from every shape then right click first click on Convert to Smart Object. Then right click again and click on Create Clipping Mask.

Note: Always remember that when you copy the shape you should not convert to object the copied shape. If you do it when you replace the photo, your photo will not replace well that is why you should change the main shape to smart object.

Step 7: When you changed all the layers to smart object then double click on every smart object layer. Go to the File Menu then click on Place Embedded. Select your favorite Photo from your PC.  Click Open at last press Ctrl + S for saving changes.

Step 8: When  you replaced all the photos then you have to add your details such as your company logo plus name, address, contact number, website address, and user.

Step 9: In this step you have to design the front side of the business card. When you are going to design the front side of the business card first conceal all layers without your company name and logo layers. Hide the rectangular shape on which you have applied pattern. Make a little bigger the same layer and aline it in the center of the document. When everything is done then press Ctrl + Shift + S.  Save the document  as front side of business card.  When you saved it as front side  then undo whatever changes you have brought to your document.

Note: While saving the front side do not press Ctrl + S because Photoshop will save as backside of the business card.

Step 10: Congratulations! You have done a nice job.

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