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How to find Wifi Password in Windows 10

How to find Wifi Password in Windows 10
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In this post you will learn the Technic How to find wifi Password in Windows 10.

Finding Wifi Password is so essential to access on the internet. Sometimes it happens that we forget our wifi password. So, in this case don’t worry, here I will show you the Technic how to get your wifi Password back and it’s very easy to find it out. So, go ahead step by step with the illustrations.

Note: If your computer/device is not connected to your wifi then it will not show you the password.

General steps for Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 to find your forgotten password of wifi. It’s a common step by which we can find the forgotten password if it’s windows 7, windows 8 or windows 10.

1. Hold down Windows key + R to open run windows and then type ncpa.cpl.

2. Then select your wifi and double click on it, to open your wifi status.

3. Now click on Wireless Properties.

4. Go to Security then click on Show Characters.

So now finally you got your wifi password.

The second way of finding the forgotten password in Windows 10 Pro.

1: First open your windows settings then click on Network and Internet.

2: Now click on WiFi to show you Network status.

3: When the wifi settings appear on your computer screen then click on Change adapter option.

4: Select your Router then right click on it after that click on Status.

5: When the status is opened then click on wireless Properties.

6: After clicking on wireless Properties a new window will appear for you after that just click on Security.

7: At last you have to click on Show characters to show your Network security key.

Congratulation! Finally, you get your Network security key.

Thank you for Watching!

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