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How to hide and Display Private Files and Folders in Windows 10

How to hide and Display Private Files and Folders in Windows 10
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In this post you will learn the Technic of hiding and Displaying Private files and folders in Windows 10.

Hiding Private files or folders is very important to protect our personal or private files and folders from the attackers.

 Today I am going to show you the Technic of hiding the files or folders and display hidden files or folders in windows 10. So, here we learn Two easiest ways of displaying the files or folders in your Smart Computers. So, now give complete attention to understand enough clearly. Go ahead step by step with the illustrations.

Step 1.First we have to select the Files or folders which we want to hide in our Computers then click on Properties.

Step 2.click on Hiddden after that click on OK.

Step 3.If you want to apply this attribute changes just only on a Folder then click on 1st one or if you want to apply this attribute changes on all of folders, sub-folders and files then click on 2nd one. After that click on OK.

Step 4.So now your files and folders are hidden. As you can see at the bottom photo which shows the hidden folder by the name of Windows 7 USB DVD Download Tool.

Step 5.Now we ought to click on View then click on Hidden Items to show you the hidden files and folders.

Step 6.In this step we have to open the Control panel  then click on File Explorer Options.

Step 7.After clicking on File Explorer Options a new window will appear for you on your Computer Screen.

Step 8.Click on View then click on Show hidden files at last click on OK.

Step 9.Congratulation! Finally you displayed the hidden files and folders on your smart computers.

Thank You for Watching!

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