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How to Break Password of Computers in Windows 10

How to Break Password of Computers in Windows 10
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In this post you will learn the Technic of How to Break Password of Computers in Windows 10.

Breaking password is one the most difficult task which challenges multitude of computer users. Majority of users do not know the Technic of how to break password of computers when they forget their computers’ password. Just for breaking password, they have to take their computers to the others until they break the users’ password. Sometimes users lose a lot of their essential documents because of forgetting their passwords. So, if you want to break someone computer’s password or you own have forgotten your computer password here we show you a very simple and easiest way by which you can easily log in to your computer.

Note: This is a public method which works in all computers (HP, Dell, Acer, Toshiba…). For all versions of windows such as Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 7.

Step 1: Make a Bootable USB Flash Drive and the windows setup into the USB flash drive. When you insert the USB flash drive then press the Boot Menu Key.If the Boot Menu does not appear in your computer make sure that you have enabled boot option from Bios Setup.

The Boot Menu Key is different in computers for example, for HP Computers the Boot Menu Key is F9. For Dell, Acer, Toshiba and Asus Computers the Boot Menu Key is F12. After preparing the flash drive insert it in your computer and Restart your computer. While restarting the computer press the Boot Menu Key (F9/F12) as the process of changing windows. You can use Windows CD/DVD ROM as well.

Step 2: When the windows changing process starts from the first step do not go ahead and do not click on Next. Hold on the Shift Key and press F10 (Shift+F10) for opening cmd (Command Prompt). Sometimes it happens that by pressing (Shift+F10) cmd (Command Prompt) does not open for us, in this case you have to take pressed Shift + Fn and press F10 (Shift+Fn+F10).

How to Break Password of Computers in Windows 10
How to Break Password of Computers in Windows 10

Step 3: Search the Local Disk in which you have installed windows. When you want to see in which Drive you have installed windows first type name of the Disk and then add Colon such as (D: , E: , G:…) press Enter. Afterward pressing Enter type (Dir) and press Enter until you get list of folders. As you see in the below picture firstly, I have typed the name of the Disk with Colon and then I have typed Dir for finding the windows’ folder.

How to Break Password of Computers in Windows 10
How to Break Password of Computers in Windows 10

Step 4: After finding the folder just type (cd windows\system32) and then press Enter.

Step 5: Type (ren) press Space and type (Utilman.exe) then again press Space and type (Utilman.john). Instead of John you can type any name you want.

Note : Type the exact words (ren Utilman.exe utilman.john).

Step 6: Just type (copy) press Space and type (cmd.exe) after pressing Space Key type (Utilman.exe) press Enter. You see that one file has been copied.

Note: Do not forget these words (copy cmd.exe Utilman.exe).

Step 7: Close the cmd and then cancel windows installation. Take out the USB flash drive or CD/DVD ROM from computer and let the computer restarts.

Step 8: When the computer restarts and the Lock Screen comes click on Ease of Access. Wait till cmd opens because sometimes it takes some minutes until it opens.

Step 9: Afterwards opening cmd then type (Net User) and press Enter. You will see your username in cmd.

Step 10: Retype net user and then press Space and type your username inside the quotation mark then you have give a space again after quotation mark give a space and then press (Shift + 8) then press Enter. After pressing Enter windows asks you for new password which is optional if you want to type a new, type a new password and press Enter. If you do not want to set a new password just press Enter twice.

Note: Your computer username may appear in different places, but don’t worry just type your username wherever it appears and press Enter.

Step 11: Close the cmd and press Enter for logging your account without any password.

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