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How to install Windows 10 Pro

How to install Windows 10 Pro
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In this post you will learn the Technic How to Install Windows 10 Pro.

Installing Windows 10 Pro is essential for knowing further about new features and securing your data. Windows 10 is used for personal computer operating system, which was released on July 29, 2015. So, Now I’m going to show you the Technic that how to install windows 10 Pro in your smart computers. So proceed step by step with the illustration.

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1: Firstly insert a USB Drive, which is bootable and has windows 10 pro inside it or CD/DVD Drive which has windows 10 pro then restart your PC and press the boot menu key after restarting your PC then you have to select the USB Drive which you have inserted in your PC. 

2: After selecting USB Drive some new options will appear for you which show different languages and you can select any language whichever you speak after that click on Next.

3: Click on Install Now.

4: Select the Windows 10 Pro Then click on Next.

5Then select the License Term which appears for you then click on Next.

6: We have to click on Custom.

7: First select the drive which the windows were installed after that click on format to delete the previous windows because we want to install the new windows in this drive then click on Next.

8: Later than click on Next.

9: Wait for some minutes until the installation process completes.

10: So, now windows will restart after 5 second to continue.

11: Select your Language then click on Yes.

12: Select your Keyboard Layout then click on Yes.

13: So, now if you have WiFi connectivity then it will appear here and select your WiFi then connect it or if there is no WiFi then click on Skip for Now.

14: Type your PC Name then click on Next.

15: Create a password for your PC then click on Next.

16: Confirm your password then click on Next.

17: If you want to give Password Hint click on it, if not just click on Next.

18: Now click on Yes to give permission to Cortana to do its work more properly.

19: Choose your Privacy Settings for your device then click on Accept.

20: Congratulations! Finally you installed the Windows 10 Pro in your smart Computer.


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