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The Best New Features in iOS 12

The Best New Features in iOS 12
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In this post you will learn the Technic of The Best New Features in iOS 12

IOS 12 is the latest version of iOS operating system for iPhones. The latest version of iOS (iOS 12) makes your iPhone work faster than it was. Your iPhone security get higher. There are many amazing new features which must know. The best new features in iOS 12 are a new wallpaper, Screen Time, Measure, Magnifier, Hearing, changes in Battery and changes in Do Not Disturb.

The Best New Features in iOS 12

01: One of the new features in iOS 12 is a new wallpaper. Before there were many wallpapers but in the new version of iOS operating system a new wallpaper is also added. Go to the settings Menu and click on Wallpaper then press on Choose a New Wallpaper. After pressing Choose a New Wallpaper press on Stills and scroll it down then you will see a new wallpaper.

02: Screen Time is second new feature in iOS 12, which shows you how much time you give to an  . If you spend more time on using Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram set time for using everything. Screen Time gives you the ability to schedule your time even you are able to set up time for being with your family. Go to the settings of Screen Time and set limit of time (20 Minutes, 3 Hours ….) for using every app. For enabling this amazing feature go to the Settings and then press on Screen Time, you can find it below the Do Not Disturb as well.

A: Press on any of the app then scroll that page a little down you will see an option (Add Limit).

03: Magnifier is one of the other new features of iOS12. It helps you to magnify something or if you read a magazine, you can’t see the words properly, use magnifier. Go to the Control Centre then press on Customise Controls and add the Magnifier to Control Centre. At night you can turn on the flash light as well for seeing the texts clearly.

04: Measure helps you to know the size of anything anywhere you want. It is one of the most useful feature in iOS 12. You can take the measurement of anything just by opening the Measure App. By the help camera of your cellphone it take measurement of everything.

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