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How to Transfer Files from PC to an IPhone

How to Transfer Files from PC to an IPhone
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In this post you will learn the Technic of How to Transfer Files from PC to an iPhone.

Transferring files from PC to an iPhone is one of the most essential task for those who use iPhone . Mostly people use iPhones because they are much secure than Android cellphones. But besides having iPhones people prefer to use PC as well which support Microsoft Windows Operating System. Those who use iPhones and they save all their files such as their pictures,videos and many necessary documents. When they want to send their files from their PC to their iPhones, they get problem while sending data.

There are several ways to refer files from Windows Operating System to an iPhone. Majority of the people install iTunes for sending data, but while transferring they need a USB to connect their iPhones with their cellphones. Transferring data through iTunes is easy for those who use iPhones for a long time. But those who have not used iOS before it looks so difficult for them because they do not know anything about iOS.

So, if you have problem with getting files to iPhones or even if you do not know how to transfer files from PC to an iPhone do not worry. We show you the easiest way to share your data with your iPhones at any time without using any USB. The goodness of Sharing data wireless is that you do not have to carry a USB with yourselves. For knowing how to transfer files from PC to an iPhone Follow step by step the given steps.

01: Go to your cellphone’s App Store than search Documents application and then install it in your cellphone.

How to Transfer Files from PC to an iPhone With Step by Step Guides.

Note: Some questions may come to your mind that why we should install Documents, why we should not install other applications. There are many applications by which you send files. If you install Documents you can open every format of files such as videos (MKV, MP4…), audio, and every format of PDF documents. You can download as well anything you want by going to the Documents’ Browser. You must be sure that files are save and you can set password as well which latter on we will come to know that. If any time you want to send files through USB and you installed iTunes in your PC, you can send through USB as wireless.

02: Once you installed the application in your cellphone then open it then go to the settings at the top left corner.

03: Click on WebDAV in order to open its settings and setting username and password.

04: Set a Username and a Password after setting username and password press on Start WebDAV.

05: Afterwards Pressing on Start WebDAV, Documents will give you an IP Address. Open a browser in your PC such as Google Chrome, type the IP Address in search place then press Enter. Your cellphone and your PC both must be connected with  Wi-Fi. If you do not connect  your devices with Wi-Fi, you will not be able to transfer files.

Note: When you type in browser’s search place do not search in Google. Do not close the page which is given you the IP Address in your cellphone. If you close the page, you will break the connection.  

06: When you search the IP Address, Documents asks you a username and password. Type the same username and password which you have given in Documents. After that the documents page will open for you in your PC’s screen. Click on Upload Files and go and select the files which you want to share, after selecting click on Open. The files automatically will be uploaded.

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